TKO’s marketing services teams live by a distinctive creed: that the ultimate purpose of all our marketing work is to help the client to sell more products.
TKO provides a marketing communications consultancy service like no other.
Curious, engaged and creative
On the face of it, TKO might look similar to other PR, advertising and digital agencies which serve Europe’s B2B engineering, electronics and technology companies. Many agencies, including TKO, offer Europe’s manufacturers proven, capable PR, digital, advertising and other marketing communications services.
The difference with TKO is our attitude, and the sense of engagement and commitment that our clients feel from the TKO teams that support them.
Put simply, we aim to share emotional and operational responsibility with you for the outcomes that matter to you. Not only the communications outcomes – press clippings or leads, for instance – but also the business outcomes.
We engage with your company to understand its problems and opportunities and the conundrums that it faces. Drawing on our passion, ingenuity and creativity, we devise solutions to your most important challenges. Ultimately, every single solution we propose, and every campaign and activity that we undertake on your behalf, will be consistent with the TKO creed: that our marketing communications activities have to be linked clearly and explicitly to a result which will increase sales of our client’s products.

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This makes us more than a service provider to our clients: we are a partner with them in the adventure of 21st century high-tech business.
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