The core of TKOs consultancy service is EcoSystem, a tailored process for aligning your marketing communications campaigns with your overall business objectives.


TKO’s consultants can implement EcoSystem with you, using data such as:

• Numbers of customers by segment

• Average value of customers by segment

• Size of market universe

• Trends in customer retention


Through EcoSystem, you can gain insights into the potential impact of marketing communications decisions on your business - on customer penetration, customer loyalty, sales and profits. And you can work with us to ensure that your European marketing communications investments are directed towards the activities that will generate the greatest return. 

To find out more about how TKO could help your business with its marketing, please contact me on
+44 1444 473555, or e-mail

If you may ask yourself 'Why TKO?' Well, here are three simple answers. Firstly, they know what they are doing. Secondly, they know what we [editors] need, and thirdly, they know what is best for the client.


You need more information? Call them and you will get a professional service in an unbelievable friendly way. Beside the professional work, over the years they have become friends to me – that is probably the best way to describe TKO.


Peter Wintermayr 


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