Find your first experience of TKO fantastic, or the fee’s on us.

Take a little risk

Make a big gain

You will not know how much you will love the service from TKO until you try it. That is why we have created the TKO Introductory Offer for new clients.

 When we deliver our first, sample project to you, we will take away almost all the risk from you. You can try any of our services: digital marketing, technical writing, PR, advertising planning or creative. 
After 20 years’ experience of making clients in the electronics industry and other engineering industries very happy indeed, we have good reason to be confident that you will like what you get from us. 

So if you are not totally, 100% satisfied with this first service you get from us, we will not charge you a penny. Whatever we did for you will be free, gratis and for nothing. So the only risk you will have taken will be the time you have spent on the project. 

If, on the other hand, you thought we were excellent and you want us to do more work for you in future, we will ask you to pay us for this first project. 

But to encourage you to take a chance on TKO, we will just charge just half of the normal fee for this first service that we provide. So by taking a small risk, you will have made a huge gain: the start of a healthy, productive relationship with a new supplier of marketing communications services. 

And in TKO, you will be gaining a supplier which offers technical expertise, great understanding of industrial markets, unrivalled relationships with the engineering press, and a unique culture: the willingness to embrace our clients’ most difficult challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

To take a small risk for a huge potential gain, call TKO today on
+44 1444 473555, or e-mail

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