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Strong design and a single-minded focus on one key message: this makes TKO's advertising to engineers powerful and effective. Future Electronics, for instance, benefited from TKO's creativity for this pre-Electronica campaign, drawing the reader's attention to the company's pre-eminence in the core distribution function of shipping parts on time from its vast inventory.


The test of a successful direct marketing campaign is the response it generates. In the case of Fluke's Highlights, this was achieved by making the product the hero, and linking strong images to a small number of powerful product benefits.


A brochure provides a perfect opportunity to encapsulate the most important brand values. In the Lumenate brochure for Future Lighting Solutions, TKO helped its client's image align with that of its target audience of lighting designers: combining refined aesthetics with a rigorous attention to functional requirements.


To capture attention and motivate action in the blink of an eye, TKO designs extremely strong and eye-catching digital work for its technology clients. Here, TKO communicates a single, powerful proposition for the FTM Board Club: free boards for design engineers.


Trade magazine editors pay as much attention to graphics as to text when making up pages. That's why TKO helps its clients transform dull, plain product photographs into exciting images that editors will love to print. Here, even a simple object such as a TDK chip capacitor becomes something worth looking at.

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