TKO offers a comprehensive range of technical PR services, helping technology companies to gain the right coverage in engineering publications in print and online, anywhere in Europe. 


And because we have been serving clients since 1995, you can be sure that we will understand your language, your market and your technology right from the start of our engagement.

To find out more about how TKO could help your business with its marketing, please contact me on +44 1444 473555, or e-mail

Congratulations to TKO and Guy Forster who have been one of the leading agencies in the electronics industry worldwide for so many years. TKO have always been excellent in delivering high quality PR for their clients and their skilled team have been able to develop excellent relationships with our editorial team, ensuring that readers of EETimes , MWEE and EDN benefit from the most relevant business and technical information including new product launches.


TKO also understand that many local publications including our French language title ECI require localised press releases and have made this valuable service available to all their customers.

Andre Rousselot 

EETimes Europe

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