Specialist knowledge, excellent implementation
Founded in 1995, TKO has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the B2B engineering and technology markets that it serves. This knowledge underpins the specialist marketing communications services that TKO offers to clients. These services may be used on campaigns covering the UK and all of continental Europe.
Press Relations
Drawing on long-standing relationships with journalists at Europe’s top electronics, embedded and engineering titles, TKO’s PR team helps clients achieve outstanding results for product launch, brand communication and customer education campaigns.
TKO provides a full portfolio of PR services, including editor liaison, technical writing and content creation, media training and PR campaign planning and implementation.
Digital Marketing
E-mail marketing and inbound marketing are widely used by TKO clients to achieve their lead generation goals.    TKO supports clients by providing campaign planning, copywriting, graphic design, technical content creation, website design and e-mail delivery services.
TKO’s unique, proprietary Media Horizons database allows clients exclusively to compare media options, in print and online, in terms of audience, reach and cost. TKO’s media planning service has a strategic element: our advisory input helps clients make optimal media selection and media usage decisions. At a tactical level, it also frees clients of the task of placing, monitoring and reporting on advertising orders and copy.
TKO’s service incorporates media campaign planning, media consultancy, ad buying, advertising creativity (copywriting and graphic design), and copy production.
Technical writing
Client-side engineers are a rich source of information for their customers, but often struggle to communicate this information in a written form for use on websites and in magazines. TKO’s technical writing service allows clients to make the most of the expertise of their engineers and to find new, engaging ways to capture the attention of customers and prospects both online and in print.
By using TKO’s technical writing service, clients can improve the quality of their written output while dramatically reducing the time spent on the task by their engineers. TKO generates article ideas, edits or writes copy from a brief provided by the client, and offers finished articles to third-party magazines and publications to ensure the market has the opportunity to read a regular flow of relevant and interesting technical content.
Graphic Design
Specialist B2B engineering and technology audiences require specialist marketing presentation, and this is what TKO’s graphic design service provides. Designs by TKO are optimised for the needs and desires of engineers and technical professionals, supporting their preference for logical and reasoned decision-making, while always enhancing the expression of the client’s brand values.
TKO’s graphic design service covers both print and digital formats, and includes concept generation, branding, design, layout and artwork.

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