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Some 22 years after TKO was founded, we have rich experience and valuable insights to offer to technology companies that operate in European markets. And we are passionate about taking the opportunity to help our clients devise the best marketing communications plans and get the best possible results.


In fact, we have a creed: that the purpose of our marketing communications work is, one way or another, to help our clients sell more products.


That’s why we don’t just blindly accept commissions from clients for projects that we don’t understand, and where we can’t see how the client’s business will benefit.


Instead, we want to work with you to analyse the needs of your business, to brainstorm ways to meet those needs, to test them to discover which is most effective, and then to refine their implementation so that you get as much value out of them as possible.


We are hands-on, passionate and enthusiastic, and committed to helping you and your company be as successful as it can be. Every day, we apply our intellects and our experience to helping our clients solve the conundrum of how to persuade engineers to specify and buy our clients’ products.


We’re delighted that this seems to be what you want too.


Now give us a chance to prove that we do what we say:

contact managing director Guy Forster.


He’ll be pleased to learn about your situation, and to start engaging with you to show how TKO can help your business use the power of marketing communications to sell more products. 

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